Holy Cross Lutheran Church  CHRISTIAN
Holy Cross Lutheran Church  CHRISTIAN
Onaway, Michigan's only Christian Pre-School
Free Time is a supervised time when the child can choose from many different activities including: puzzles, books, blocks, art supplies, sand table, play clothes, table games, etc.

Physical Activities: using small muscles (with crayons, scissors, paints, play dough, etc) and large muscles (games, the climbing unit, dancing, outdoor activities, etc.) helps the child develop physically and become more coordinated.

Music and rhythm play an important part in your child’s development. Music can increase physical growth, coordination, verbalization and music appreciation. We always encourage the children to express their musical talents during this time.

Cooperation, we also help the children learn how to get along, play together compatibly, teach them conflict resolution skills and also problem solving.

Art Projects: We use many and varied mediums in art projects: paint, crayons, stencil, tracing hands and feet, chalk, vegetable printing, play dough, all kinds of scraps, buttons, etc. This helps in learning colors, using small muscles and being creative and imaginative.

Books, activity papers, and computer  activities help reinforce basic learning concepts. Stories, poems, finger plays and sharing time all help in language development.  Oral and object counting, manipulation, calendar time, and working with various shapes and sizes also help the child to mature in learning skills.

Field trips reinforce the learning activities that take place at school and give added learning experiences.

Christian Basics, including Bible Stories, prayer, and non-denominational chapel services all setting the foundation for your child's faith & education.

How Your Child Learns
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